Rural Accommodation

La Codosera

Just a few metres away from our apartments, you will find the natural swimming pools of La Codosera, built into the Gevora river – a beautiful spot.


The fresh, crystal clear pools are a perfect place to spend hot summer days with your family. There are 3 pools of different depths, so ideal for small children too. There are picnic benches, barbecue areas, a children’s playground and drinking fountains.

The history and heritage of La Codosera is evident in variious important examples of religious architecture.

The village has always maintained a strong connection with the surrounding geography and its proximity to the border has played an important part in the historical evolution of the municipality, which has a strikingly indepent personality.

Key places of interest include Nuestra Señora de la Piedad (Our Lady Of Piety), Santuario de Chandavila (Chandavila Sactuary), a place of local myths and legends and Castillo de La Codosera (La Codosera Castle), a fortified medieval castle erected in the 14th century.

Just three kilometers from La Codosera and just 500 meters from the sanctuary of Chandavila is the smallest international bridge in the world, the bridge of El Marco, a hamlet divided between Spain and Portugal.

This nexus of union from both countries, was a silent witness of various avatars in times of smuggling, backpackers, portuguese police and spanish Guardia Civil. Portuguese coffee, cork, tobacco or livestock, traveled from one place to another out of necessity, to alleviate the poverty that prevailed in so many families.

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The Lisbon Airport is just 2 hours and 15 minutes far from our accommodations.